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Student registration form (electronic)

father information
mother information
General data
(In the event that the person responsible for the student is not the father, please amend the following information)
student information
Replacing the birth certificate if the student is registered in the preparatory stage.
Medical and psychological data For The Student

I, the guardian of the student, acknowledge that I have examined the general system of schools in the application for registration and have accepted what was stated therein and that it represents an executive contract between me and schools that is valid throughout the period of the son’s study in schools and that once I sign below or whoever represents me at enrollment even if (my son - My daughter) I am obligated to schools to fulfill all the rights that my approval entails for schools and that the students paper file remains subject to the fees due and there is no right to object to this with any other decisions from any party and schools have the right to add any items or amendments that occur before the start of any school year and are considered Valid if my son / daughter is in school at B. State of any new school year is the acceptance of my school systems and fees even if I did not sign it